re: little better

the anxiety is somewhat better today. iM also fatigued. two verses that have taken hold for me are 

Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you” 1 Peter 5:7
Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

I just keep crying out to God and fighting to stay strong. Your prayers are helping. thanks


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re: need prayer

i received the great news last week about remission, but it’s still difficult going. I’ve had bad days of anxiety that I’m struggling to work through, reading Scripture and praying. But it’s still tough so all your prayers are appreciated. thanks

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re: Petscan results

After the 4th round, they did another pet scan to see how the tumor was doing, which i had on friday. The doc called today and said that I was in remission! There’s only scar tissue left.

I could easily be in remission for years and years. I still have to finish my treatment, two morre sessions. I’m still processing, and am a little in shock. But it’s gone.


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re: better now

I was so nauseous Sunday night that when I threw up, I sent my heart out of rhythm  into atrial fibrillation (afib), which means by heart isn’t beating right and if not taken care, I could throw  A clot in my lungs. So i went to hackettstown hosp. Sunday night since my cardiologist practices out of there. It was terrible. They wouldn’t use my port and the nurse couldn’t get a vein so that hurt. Yeah. And in general, they weren’t as a solid as Morristown, so Since my cardiologist is old, I’m gonna look for one outta Morristown. 

If the heart doesn’t go back into normal rhythm on its own with the the meds they give, then they shock it. Shocking was scheduled for this mornign, but my heart went back in yesterday and I went home. 

It was so rough for Lex and me, No sleep and having my heart out is very winding, and scary. At times, it feels like I could be dying. Last time it happened, two years ago in 2011, I lost all feeling in my extremities and though I actually could be dying. 

Th e positives that came out of this are that LEx and I endured again and God brought us through AGAIN. Also, I found out the patch i’ve been wearing is for pain, not for nausea. I was misinformed by a nurse and thought this new patch was also for nausea, so I replaced patches and wasn’t getting the right medication. It’s amazing I didn’t get more nauseous.  

I also thought I was only supposed to take one prednizone (steroid) instead of two. That was my fault, but the doc. said it was ok. 

So we made it through. I could barely move last night or I’d feel sick, but it’s getting better and God will use this; he already has in fact with a friend who was recently diagnosed with a different type of cancer. 

So, as you pray for Lex and me, please also keep my 3 other friends/acquaintance who also have cancer. thansk




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re: new prayer request


So i went to throw up I had nothing in my system. The nausea feels better, but then my heart went out. I have a history of afib, which is basically an irregular heart beat. I took my meds and am praying it goes back in on its own soon, otherwise it’s back to the ER, jsut a different one, in Hackettstown where my cardiologist is. So pray my heart begins to beat regularly soon.


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re: nausea

FOr the first time, I feeling really nauseous. Please lift me up and pray it goes away, or if it was something I ate that it passes quickly and I never eat it again. Thanks

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Re: Ups and downs

I’ll start with some humor b4 getting to the serious stuff. Then I’ll end with some to remember to laugh.

I hate solicitation, not solicitors b/c i don’t know themto hate them. And it’s not the phone calls as much, though their a bother, b/c it’s easy to ask them to stop and if you want, have some fun with them. Mailings are more frustrating b/c you have to write them and it takes a while. What I can’t stand is outside stores. People say no thank you as if it’s the person being offered something, other make up excuses, “AH, I have no time, gotta get to the office.” Others reach in for change and hand that over. Me, The last time I just waved it off and said good luck. I don’t like being bothered in that way. I suppose there are some groups better than other, like girl scout cookies, but then still, you have some kid asking you and I’m still like, “give me a break, I going to the store for what i need to get not for what you want me to get.” Ugh.

2 weeks ago was really good week, too good b/c I golfed 18 on Friday, with a cart (birdie on Front 9). Slept 18 hours after, then got went to PA for dinner with friends, stayed over, came home Sunday. It was too much, and I had a bad Sunday, and esp. Monday with anxiety and that feeling of hopelessness which if you’ve experience, you know how debilitating it is. Woke up Tuesday and was fine.

THe major thing that brought me out of the anxiety was Lex’s encouragement to thank God or all he’s done in my life, which is Biblical. So through tears ( alot of tears were shed those days) I rattled off a list that was quite reaffirming, and then through another suggestion of Lex, I made some confessions of anger and resentment I’d been holding onto, a lot w/ my mom actually. Forgiveness and releashing of anger and resentment is a process, much like the Christian faith, so I made some good steps at that pt.

Last Friday was my 4th treatment. No hiccups, was wiped today, but i forgot to take my steroid, then I had troulbe sleeping b/c I took it later, which is why I’m up so early. So, keep praying for Lex and me, for healing and strenght a d faith, of course, but please add in specifically that we keep our diet healthy. Please also lift up 4 friends/aquantainces who are battling caner-different stages, different diagnoses.

So, I totally don’t remember the last joke, but I have this. A friend sent me a care package. Inside was a shirt that said ‘Cancer…Imagine a World Without It.’ As i considered those words, I automatically knew of such a place, and this is in no way to disparage the hope that we find that cure in this day and age, but there is a place where cancer will cease: heaven. Being in heaven with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, having that complete PEACE and FREEDOM that only He can provide.
If anyone would like to add a verse that helps sum up that idea, please do.

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