Here’s the reccap thus far. in January I started to feel sick with extreme nausea and i was quite fatiqued. My primary doc did blookwork and my kidney levels were a 7 (normal is under 1); this is dialysis level. After 2 more tests and a catscan i was told to go into hospital and it was revealed i had a mass in my abdomen which was blocking my ureters, thus preventing my kidneys from draining properly.

Docs wanted to do a biopsy, but couldn’t until my kidneys levels were low enough b/c a biopsy involved getting contrast. The kidneys needs to be able to handle the contrast and couldn’t where they were at. So, the urologist put in two sets of stents, but neither works to drain the kidneys, so then an internetional readiologist put in nephrostomy tubes that come right out of the kidneys, thru the back and drain into bags that are attached to my legs. It took 17 days, but the levels were down far enough to do the biopsy.

The results showed I had non-hodgkins lymphoma (NHL), but not the full sub cell of the cancer so I eventually went to Sloan Kettering in NYC to get another biopsy. The final pathology states non0hodkins lymphoma, foliicular division, stage 2, grades 1, 2, 3A. Grades 1 and 2 indicate an indolent or slow moving cancer while 3A indicates a more agressvie cancer. The latter is curable but the former aren’t per se. The get be eradicated from the body but there is more a chance of their returning. However, I’ve spoken with ppl who’ve had that and it’s never returned.

Incidentally, NHL is what took my mom but she had a different sub-cell. And honestly, this really hasn’t been on my mind, b/c (and I don’t often like saying I know exactly what God’s plan was b/c it’s hard to really know), I believe it was her time, truly, even though she wwas only 70. I can’t imagine if she had to live with mehaving cancer. Apparently, I could have had this in my body upwards of 5 years.

On March 8, I had my first round of chemo (called RCHOP). Reax were ok. I got thrush for a few days, but the worst reax came from the neulasta shot which is given the day after chemo. It is deisgned to force your bone marrow to create more white blood cells since the chemo basically kills all yours. The result is intense bone pain, indescribable. It’s like muscle soreness below your muscles. I couldn’t walk for 3 days.

I’ve had a couple ER trips, one for high grade fever, common, and one for a potential bone clot which turned out to be an inflamed lymphnode which made is harder to breathe, again common. AS a result of checking for a clot, they did a catscan and saw the mass had shrunk a little, about .5cm on one side. THe total mass size is about 7x5cm.

Next round is next Friday. I go every 3 weeks for a total of 6 rounds. I still have teh tubes in; maybe they can come out after a few treatments. I thank everyone for all the prays, food, rides etc. God will bless you and Lex and I are praying He will b/c you have blessed us.


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  1. Eli

    I added you to the prayer for healing list at my synagogue. The prayer translates to this: “May the One who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, bless Michael with healing. May the Holy One have mercy on them, heal, strengthen and revive them. Speedily grant them a complete healing, a healing of the soul and a healing of the body, along with all who are ill, now and swiftly. And let us say: Amen.”

  2. Debbie Nannery

    This is a great site Michael and I am so thankful that you are keeping us informed with all the details. We think about you and pray daily for you. I just know God has so much for you and Lex! You have blessed so many people and continue to do so with your great faith. Hoping you are feeling better..sounds as if you are a little better than last I heard. Sharon Grover said she had a hard time with smells and nausea so she had a hard time stomaching food. Anything in particular you would LOVE to have? I know you want basic food that’s, gluten free, organic and not genetically modified but what’s your favorite?

    I have a friend that is HIV positive that was just in hospital very very sick with pneumonia…I think God is pulling him thru it…he’s being moved to rehab center right now,
    so much to pray for. God Bless you Michael and Lex!! xxoo Deb Nannery

  3. Whitney

    Hang in there brother if mine.

  4. Lisa

    I’m glad that you’ve started a blog. I’m thinking of you.

  5. Katie Ennis

    You’re in my prayers.
    Katie Ennis

  6. Michael its Manuel Gonzalez. My 3 little boys and I pray everynight and I will make sure they pray for my friend Michael. If you and Lex need anything I mean anything, please let me know. 201-726-2662 You will be fine. Be strong man and have faith. I am confident that you will make it through this.

  7. Janet Grace

    I’m also glad that you started a blog. I love you, my friend, and Rich/I are praying for you.

  8. Phil Palazzolo

    We have been thinking and praying for you Cuozzo! I truly can not believe you have to go through this and I am sure you are bringing your fight with our great God at your back.

  9. Scott Harvey

    Mike, Neil Newman just passed the word to me about your cancer and this blog. I will be praying for you and keeping up with your progress! God bless.

  10. All things are possible… ALL THINGS… Through Time, Thought, Prayer, Practice, Patience and Perseverance… ALL THINGS.
    Keep up the GOOD fight!
    You can do this!

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