re: Blessings

Wherever you are at when you read this, know God loves you, that You can bring all your requests to God with Praise and Thanksgiving and the peace of God that transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in CHrist Jesus. It’s not easy. We must fight for peace. This entire past week has been this battle. 

On some days, I am winning, others losing, but God is always with me, fighting with me, his angels fighting for me, providing unending support from my church, family, and my wife.

In the Hebrew language, the word for helper (as in the helper that Eve was to Adam) is Ezer. In context here, Eve as Ezer is a compliment of God’s strength. God appointed Eve to be this for Adam. Adam is in desperate need for Eve because this is an intricate part of who she was designed to be. This is what my wife Alexa has been for me and there are no words to thank her.

And I pray this also opens our eyes more to the role women are to play in society, b/c for so long they have been oppressed, by politics and religion, but, the role of women has perhaps only scratched the surface. Blessings, truly, on each of you.

Love michael


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