re: prayer request

On Thursday I’m schedule to get my nephrotemy tubes removed. I’ve only had the stents removed thus far, and I think the latter were more contributory of my fevers b/c I haven’t gotten any this week. And I can’t get one before the procedure or they can’t do it. My blood count also needs to be high enough, so I’m getting bloodwork done the morning of to make sure. Pray it is high enough. 

Also, Pray for Lex. She has been coughing a lot and has a lot of congestion. She had bronchitis a few weeks back, but it could also be allergies contributing. Don’t forget about her when praying for me. Thanks



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3 responses to “re: prayer request

  1. Aunt Rosie

    Praying all the time for you honey. Stay strong. You will come through all
    of this. Love, Aunt Rosie

  2. Sharon Groover

    Pray for you both every morning and through-out the day. A lot of people are getting hit with the allergies. Even Paul had to go the doctor today – doctor uncertain, but also thinks allergies. I see you are adding a lot more big words to your vocab! Hugs to you both.

  3. Lisa

    Praying for you and Lex.

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