re: from the heart

I was encouraged to be more open about my feeling in what I’m experiencing. So, I’m gonna let something out i’ve been holding onto for a bit. Since I’m at home so much, and lying in bed, and listening to sports talk radio like all day, it gives me a lot of time to form opinions and thoughts. I want to get this off my chest. There’s something that brings me down when I’m home lying in bed, something I really hate:

And that is annoying radio ads, especially the Kars for Kids Jingle, and every single Car insurance commercial, esp. Geico. If my wallet and purse can’t shake my hand or bake me a cake, then how can they be happy for me?



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2 responses to “re: from the heart

  1. lisa

    hope your fever is down. I don’t really care for radio ads either…. though they did inspire me last week to go to see professional soccer.

  2. I hate Quicken Loans ads! That dude is a liar and Quicken Loans should be investigated for mass fraud! Boy, I feel better!
    P.S. – Just said a prayer for you… I can, I will…
    I AM!

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