re: clumps of hair and dry lips

THe other day I was lying in bad and my head was itchy. As i Pulled my hand down after a scratch, some hair came with it. So the hair loss is beginning. So I just had Lex shave my head. It’s not losing the hair (though I love my hair. I’ll just have a new style to enjoy, maybe akin to the fabulous Ian McGlynn.), its more that is was a reality reminder that I do have cancer. I’m good today with things now. It looks ok, my head just gets cold in this winter spring we’re having.

My lips are also wicked dry depsite drinking a lot of water. Just haveto keep mad amounts of chapstick with me.



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2 responses to “re: clumps of hair and dry lips

  1. Doug Anderson

    Please know that the SCC family and I have you in continual prayer. Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Vandy

    Thinking of you Cuozzo. Hang in there buddy.


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